V-Day/a whole year!




For Valentines Day/our one year anniversary, R surprised me with tickets to SeaWorld!  I had been talking about going for a very long time.  It was a lovely Cali day in San Diego.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that it is the dead of winter.  It was 25C that day!  Ridiculously hot.  Baby Shamu had just been born the day before so, that was pretty cool.  Btw, have you ever looked into Orcas?  They are very accurately named Killer Whales.  The original Shamu killed and injured many people.  It’s all quite scary actually.  


On Wednesday, my little brother N came to visit.  Although his visit was short, it was sweet.  I had missed the kid.  We didnt get to do much because of time and my classes but, he did get to see Santa Monica and Venice.  


He also got to try Lomi Lomi for the first time.  There’s a great place in Venice that makes this.  







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